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MS Safety Drills

Delton-Kellogg Middle School Fire and Safety Drills

DKMS Fire Drill 9-10-2019

Delton Kellogg Middle School Emergency Drills 2016-2017

Delton Kellogg Middle School Drill Record 2015-2016

Delton Kellogg Middle School Drill Record 2015-2016 (2)Scheduled Drills for 2015-2016

Delton Kellogg Middle School Drill Record 2014-2015

Date Time Type Comments
10/14/2014 2:00 pm Fire Drill #1 (Fall) Evacuation time: 1:18
10/21/2014 11:05 am Fire Drill #2 (Fall) Evacuation time: 1:05

Held at lunch

11/7/2014 8:42 am Lockdown Drill #1

(prior to December 1st)

Two classrooms had audible noise, overall well done and efficient
1/15/2015 11:15 am Lockdown Drill #2

(after January 1st)

New door locks, office doors not secure. Need to review safety procedures w/students (not opening doors)
1/22/2015 1:43 pm Lockdown Drill #3

(Non-traditional, held during class change)

Code Yellow to Code Red. Some doors not lockable due to new keys – need keys for all personnel
4/2/2015 1:56 pm Lockdown Drill #4 Lockdown went well, no problems or issues. Yellow-outside threat
4/23/2015 2:27 pm Tornado Drill #1 Students were seated in the hallway with books (or their hands) over their heads
5/8/2015 1:15 pm Fire Drill #3 (Spring) Evacuation Time: 1:15

Students did well exiting the building safely and orderly

6/1/2015 2:35 pm Tornado Drill #2 Well Done!
6/3/2015 12:35 pm Fire Drill #4 (Spring) Evacuation time: 5:21

Students were quiet and orderly


Mark Martin, Principal

Delton Kellogg Middle School

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